*BREAKING NEWS* The Dali Update

Good golly gosh. I sure don’t know what it is about me and attracting self destructive types. This boy can’t seem to catch a break.

Dali and I had been talking a for a couple weeks. It was going well. She checked a lot of boxes for me: NF type on myers-briggs, bohemian, understated, funny, playful but knew when to be serious, thoughtful, and straightforward. She also had really cool hair… so that was neat too.

We talked about meeting up and maybe cooking together at her place. No expectations for anything. I made that pretty clear from the get go. If I ever hung out with her, it was because I liked her and wanted to spend some time together in person; if more happened, that’s just a bonus. She was cool with that.

Until she wasn’t.

We had plans to hang out on Friday. Then she decided to cancel so she could trip out on some LSD. That’s cool I guess, but I ended things there. I’m not going to try to compete with hallucinogenics. This incident, combined with the incident wherein I was offered a blowjob if I hunted down some heroine, paints a pretty strange future for me in my mind. I never thought I’d have to physically put this on my list of deal breakers, but “doesn’t make me feel like I need to compete with the high from illicit substances” has been noted.

Whoof. I’ll keep you in the loop about any more comedy of errors as they arise. If my track record is any indicator, you guys are going to have a lot of reading to do.

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