Everything changes, and as much as that may sound like a platitude, it’s a cliche for a reason. At times, it seems like life moves just too quickly for me to really process it in real time; so I write. For a ghost, I write a lot (too much), but most of my work tends to lean into the field of short-form horror. While some posts may be disturbing to some, that is not my intent by any means. This is a departure from my norm, and I am hoping this blog can be a place for discovery and understanding, a place for perspective shifts and change. Especially recently, I have realized that myself and others are in need of a platform for honesty and introspection without fear of judgement.

My day-to-day can feel so fleeting at times, as I am sure yours does, but those fickle parts of the day are important. The things that disappear without our notice are still valuable. Why not embrace the transient? Why not talk?